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Version: 1.19.4

Composer Packages Repository

Publish Composer packages for your user or organization.


To work with the Composer package registry, you can use Composer to consume and a HTTP upload client like curl to publish packages.

Publish a package

To publish a Composer package perform a HTTP PUT operation with the package content in the request body. The package content must be the zipped PHP project with the composer.json file. You cannot publish a package if a package of the same name and version already exists. You must delete the existing package first.

ownerThe owner of the package.

If the composer.json file does not contain a version property, you must provide it as a query parameter:


Example request using HTTP Basic authentication:

curl --user your_username:your_password_or_token \
--upload-file path/to/ \

Or specify the package version as query parameter:

curl --user your_username:your_password_or_token \
--upload-file path/to/ \

If you are using 2FA or OAuth use a personal access token instead of the password.

The server responds with the following HTTP Status codes.

HTTP Status CodeMeaning
201 CreatedThe package has been published.
400 Bad RequestThe package name and/or version are invalid or a package with the same name and version already exist.

Configuring the package registry

To register the package registry you need to add it to the Composer config.json file (which can usually be found under <user-home-dir>/.composer/config.json):

"repositories": [{
"type": "composer",
"url": "{owner}/composer"

To access the package registry using credentials, you must specify them in the auth.json file as follows:

"http-basic": {
"": {
"username": "{username}",
"password": "{password}"
ownerThe owner of the package.
usernameYour Gitea username.
passwordYour Gitea password or a personal access token.

Install a package

To install a package from the package registry, execute the following command:

composer require {package_name}

Optional you can specify the package version:

composer require {package_name}:{package_version}
package_nameThe package name.
package_versionThe package version.