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Version: 1.19.4

NuGet Packages Repository

Publish NuGet packages for your user or organization. The package registry supports the V2 and V3 API protocol and you can work with NuGet Symbol Packages too.


To work with the NuGet package registry, you can use command-line interface tools as well as NuGet features in various IDEs like Visual Studio. More information about NuGet clients can be found in the official documentation. The following examples use the dotnet nuget tool.

Configuring the package registry

To register the package registry you need to configure a new NuGet feed source:

dotnet nuget add source --name {source_name} --username {username} --password {password}{owner}/nuget/index.json
source_nameThe desired source name.
usernameYour Gitea username.
passwordYour Gitea password. If you are using 2FA or OAuth use a personal access token instead of the password.
ownerThe owner of the package.

For example:

dotnet nuget add source --name gitea --username testuser --password password123

You can add the source without credentials and use the --api-key parameter when publishing packages. In this case you need to provide a personal access token.

Publish a package

Publish a package by running the following command:

dotnet nuget push --source {source_name} {package_file}
source_nameThe desired source name.
package_filePath to the package .nupkg file.

For example:

dotnet nuget push --source gitea test_package.1.0.0.nupkg

You cannot publish a package if a package of the same name and version already exists. You must delete the existing package first.

Symbol Packages

The NuGet package registry has build support for a symbol server. The PDB files embedded in a symbol package (.snupkg) can get requested by clients. To do so, register the NuGet package registry as symbol source:{owner}/nuget/symbols
ownerThe owner of the package registry.

For example:

Install a package

To install a NuGet package from the package registry, execute the following command:

dotnet add package --source {source_name} --version {package_version} {package_name}
source_nameThe desired source name.
package_nameThe package name.
package_versionThe package version.

For example:

dotnet add package --source gitea --version 1.0.0 test_package

Supported commands

dotnet add
dotnet nuget push
dotnet nuget delete