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Awesome Gitea

Awesome Contribution%20Guide

A curated list of awesome projects related to Gitea and its soft-fork instances.




  • giteacat - Python Bot that register Mastodon server's users to Gitea instance, on demand.
  • issue-bot - Bot for mailing list mirroring of Gitea issues. Allow people to submit issues on repositories using only e-mail without signing up. github read-only mirror
  • sq-bot - Bot for decorating Gitea pull requests with SonarQube analysis details.
  • staletea - StaleBot for Gitea.
  • tea-cloc - Bot to count lines of code on Gitea repos and comments on pull requests with code change statistics.

Command Line

  • changelog - Generate changelog of gitea repository.
  • gitea-cli - Extensible, configurable command-line API client for gitea and gogs.
  • gitea-installer - a simple ubuntu native installer script
  • sip - A prompt-based command line tool to interact with Gitea servers.
  • tea - A command line tool to interact with Gitea servers.


  • agola - Agola: CI/CD Redefined. Built-in Gitea support.(see docs)
  • appveyor - Gitea receives first-class support in AppVeyor CI.
  • AWS Cloud Integration(webhook-to-s3) - Gitea Webhook integration with AWS CodePipeline and CodeBuild by automatically uploading the archive to AWS S3.
  • buildbot-gitea - Buildbot plugin for integration with gitea.
  • buildkite-connector - Connect Gitea & Buildkite.
  • Concourse - partially can be integrated with Gitea.
  • dex - Dex is a federated OpenID Connect provider. Built-in Gitea support.
  • drone - Drone is a Container-Native, Continuous Delivery Platform. Built-in Gitea support. (see docs)
  • ghorg - Quickly clone an entire org/users repositories into one directory - Supports Gitea, GitHub, GitLab, and more.
  • gickup - Backup tool for repositories.
  • JayporeCi - Self hosted CI tightly integrated with gitea
  • Jenkins - Gitea plugin for jenkins.
  • Metroline - Metroline is a Continuous Integration and Delivery platform built with Docker, Node, React and MongoDB, natively compatible with Gitea.
  • Monitoring mixin - Gitea monitoring mixin (Grafana dashboard)
  • mvoCI - very simple Continuous Integration Server written in go. Built-in Gitea support.
  • Renovate - Gitea compatible configurable universal dependability update tool
  • soba - scheduled backups of user/organization Gitea repositories with change detection.
  • Tea Runner - A minimalist Python Flask app that uses Gitea webhooks to perform actions.
  • watchtower - A process for automating Docker container base image updates. Useful for running Continuous Deployment pipeline steps.
  • webhook - webhook is a lightweight incoming webhook server to run shell commands. Useful for running Continuous Deployment pipeline steps.
  • webhookd - A very simple webhook server launching shell scripts. Useful for running Continuous Deployment pipeline steps.
  • woodpecker - An opinionated fork of the Drone CI system. Built-in Gitea support. (see docs)
  • yojo - A CI bridge from Gitea to SourceHut.


  • GitNex - Android client for Gitea.
  • GitTouch - Open source mobile client for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Gitea, built with Flutter


  • GiteaPanel - Manage the local Gitea server from the tray.
  • Listea - Simple Gitea issues viewer from the tray.
  • US/GiteaPanel - A Gitea shortcut panel built based on UserScript.

Web Hosting

  • Caddy Gitea Plugin - Caddy2 plugin enables GitHub pages-like features in Gitea, requiring a wildcard CNAME to your Gitea host.
  • Meli Docs - Meli is an open source platform built for deploying static sites and frontend applications.
  • Pages Server - Static Pages Server, Gitea equivalent of GitHub Pages: Can serve static webpages on custom domains, including caching, and much more
  • pages-server - A simple server for serving up static pages for Gitea A Gitea Pages server ala Github pages.


  • Bitbucket2Gitea - A python3 script to migrate all projects and repositories from Atlassian BitBucket to Gitea.
  • github2gitea - A python script to migrate Github repositories Gitea with issues/prs/wiki and etc.
  • gitlab2gitea - A command line tool build with Golang to migrate a GitLab project to Gitea.
  • Gogs2Gitea - A SQL script and process (README) to migrate directly from Gogs 0.12.3 to Gitea 1.12.5 / 1.12.6 in MySQL/MariaDB and maybe other DB's.
  • jira2giteaMySql Jira Issues to Gitea (with MySql)


Open Registration

  • Codeberg - Non-Profit Collaboration Community for Free and Open Source Projects (formerly known under its working title
  • Disroot - Aims to change the way people are used to interact on the web.
  • GitShuiShan - A Git platform for education
  • OpenDev - A space for collaborative Open Source software development.
  • RadioRepo - The home of software development for the Amateur Radio Community.
  • ~vern gitea - A gitea instance for free software hackers

For internal use

  • Blender - The Blender Projects portal where all the (Blender) official initiatives are coordinated and managed.
  • FSFE - Git @ Free Software Foundation Europe
  • DevHub - Free and paid Gitea Server & Gitea Actions Runners with strong focus on Security, Privacy and Performance.
  • openSUSE - openSUSE Gitea
  • PSES - Git @ Pas Sage en Seine.
  • Sum7 - A hoster to support decentralized services. A step away from big cloud services.
  • Teknik - Provide services to help those who try to innovate.


Package Management

  • Acappella - Private Composer Repository for Gitea




  • Dart - Dart SDK for gitea
  • gitea.js - Gitea (WIP) wrapper lib made in javascript.
  • gitea-js - Gitea client in Typescript for browsers and Node.JS (npm) (docs)
  • - .NET Library for the Gitea API.
  • Gitea-sdk - Gitea SDK generated by Swagger. (Archived, use the official Golang SDK)
  • Giteapy - Python SDK for gitea
  • gitear - R wrapper to the gitea API
  • Gitea rust crate - A simple Gitea client for Rust programs
  • Golang SDK - Official Golang SDK for gitea.
  • java-gitea-api - Swagger generated api for Gitea
  • PHP - PHP SDK for gitea
  • py-gitea - A very simple API client for Gitea > 1.16.1
  • Sugar Cube Client - A sweet Gitea API client for PHP
  • tea4j-autodeploy - Swagger-generated Java library which uses Retrofit to access the Gitea API


  • Catppuccin - Soothing pastel theme for Gitea
  • Modern - Changes the layout for a more modern look. Usable with other themes that only change colors.
  • pat-s/GitHub - Opinionated GitHub-inspired light and dark themes
  • Red - Red theme by saegl5 (forked from Red Silver)
  • Sainnhe's Theme Pack - Port of some editor themes
  • theme.park - Rich theme suite that includes Gitea



Workflow Tools

Project Management

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