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Version: 1.21-dev

Gitea compared to other Git hosting options

To help decide if Gitea is suited for your needs, here is how it compares to other Git self hosted options.

Be warned that we don't regularly check for feature changes in other products, so this list may be outdated. If you find anything that needs to be updated in the table below, please open an issue.

Symbols used in table:

  • ✓ - supported

  • ⁄ - supported with limited functionality

  • ✘ - unsupported

  • ⚙️ - supported through third-party software

General Features

FeatureGiteaGogsGitHub EEGitLab CEGitLab EEBitBucketRhodeCode CERhodeCode EE
Open source and free
Low RAM/ CPU usage
Multiple database support
Multiple OS support
Easy upgrades
Third-party render tool support
WebAuthn (2FA)
Extensive API
Built-in Package/Container Registry
Sync commits to an external repo (push mirror)
Sync commits from an external repo (pull mirror)
Light and Dark Theme
Custom Theme Support
Markdown support
CSV support
'GitHub / GitLab pages'⚙️, ⚙️
Repo-specific wiki (as a repo itself)/
Deploy Tokens
Repository Tokens with write rights
RSS Feeds
Built-in CI/CD
Subgroups: groups within groups
Interaction with other instances/
Mermaid diagrams in Markdown
Math syntax in Markdown

Code management

FeatureGiteaGogsGitHub EEGitLab CEGitLab EEBitBucketRhodeCode CERhodeCode EE
Repository topics
Repository code search
Global code search
Git LFS 2.0
Group Milestones
Granular user roles (Code, Issues, Wiki, …)
Verified Committer?
GPG Signed Commits
SSH Signed Commits?
Reject unsigned commits
Migrating repos from other services
Repository Activity page
Branch manager
Create new branches
Web code editor
Commit graph
Template Repositories
Git Blame
Visual comparison of image changes???

Issue Tracker

FeatureGiteaGogsGitHub EEGitLab CEGitLab EEBitBucketRhodeCode CERhodeCode EE
Issue tracker/
Issue templates
Time tracking
Multiple assignees for issues
Related issues
Confidential issues
Comment reactions
Lock Discussion
Batch issue handling
Issue Boards (Kanban)/
Create branch from issue
Convert comment to new issue
Issue search
Global issue search/
Issue dependency
Create issue via email
Service Desk

Pull/Merge requests

FeatureGiteaGogsGitHub EEGitLab CEGitLab EEBitBucketRhodeCode CERhodeCode EE
Pull/Merge requests
Squash merging
Rebase merging
Pull/Merge request inline comments
Pull/Merge request approval
Pull/Merge require approval
Pull/Merge multiple reviewers
Merge conflict resolution
Restrict push and merge access to certain users
Revert specific commits
Pull/Merge requests templates
Cherry-picking changes
Download Patch/
Merge queues

3rd-party integrations

FeatureGiteaGogsGitHub EEGitLab CEGitLab EEBitBucketRhodeCode CERhodeCode EE
Git Hooks
AD / LDAP integration
Multiple LDAP / AD server support
LDAP user synchronization
SAML 2.0 service provider
OpenID Connect support?
OAuth 2.0 integration (external authorization)?
Act as OAuth 2.0 provider
Two factor authentication (2FA)
Integration with the most common services/
Incorporate external CI/CD
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