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Version: 1.21-dev

CRAN Package Registry

Publish R packages to a CRAN-like registry for your user or organization.


To work with the CRAN package registry, you need to install R.

Configuring the package registry

To register the package registry you need to add it to, either on the system-level, user-level (~/.Rprofile) or project-level:

options("repos" = c(getOption("repos"), c(gitea="{owner}/cran")))
ownerThe owner of the package.

If you need to provide credentials, you may embed them as part of the url (

Publish a package

To publish a R package, perform a HTTP PUT operation with the package content in the request body.

Source packages:

ownerThe owner of the package.

Binary packages:

ownerThe owner of the package.
platformThe name of the platform.
rversionThe R version of the binary.

For example:

curl --user your_username:your_password_or_token \
--upload-file path/to/ \

You cannot publish a package if a package of the same name and version already exists. You must delete the existing package first.

Install a package

To install a R package from the package registry, execute the following command:

package_nameThe package name.

For example:

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