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Version: 1.22.1


Secrets allow you to store sensitive information in your user, organization or repository. Secrets are available on Gitea 1.19+ and are only visible in 1.20+ when ACTIONS are enabled.

Naming your secrets

The following rules apply to secret names:

  • Secret names can only contain alphanumeric characters ([a-z], [A-Z], [0-9]) or underscores (_). Spaces are not allowed.

  • Secret names must not start with the GITHUB_ and GITEA_ prefix.

  • Secret names must not start with a number.

  • Secret names are not case-sensitive.

  • Secret names must be unique at the level they are created at.

For example, a secret created at the repository level must have a unique name in that repository, and a secret created at the organization level must have a unique name at that level.

Using secrets

After creating configuration variables, they will be automatically filled in the secrets context. They can be accessed through expressions like ${{ secrets.SECRET_NAME }} in the workflow.


If a secret with the same name exists at multiple levels, the secret at the lowest level takes precedence. For example, if an organization-level secret has the same name as a repository-level secret, then the repository-level secret takes precedence.