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Version: 1.21.11

Code Owners

Gitea maintains code owner files. It looks for it in the following locations in this order:

  • ./docs/CODEOWNERS
  • ./.gitea/CODEOWNERS

And stops at the first found file.

File format: <regexp rule> <@user or @org/team> [@user or @org/team]...

Regexp specified in golang Regex format. Regexp can start with ! for negative rules - match all files except specified.

Example file:

.*\\.go @user1 @user2 # This is comment

# Comment too
# You can assigning code owning for users or teams
frontend/src/.*\\.js @org1/team1 @org1/team2 @user3

# You can use negative pattern
!frontend/src/.* @org1/team3 @user5

# You can use power of go regexp
docs/(aws|google|azure)/[^/]*\\.(md|txt) @user8 @org1/team4
!/assets/.*\\.(bin|exe|msi) @user9


You can escape characters #, (space) and \ with \, like:

dir/with\#hashtag @user1
path\ with\ space @user2
path/with\\backslash @user3

Some character (.+*?()|[]{}^$\) should be escaped with \\ inside regexp, like: