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Version: 21.5 - latest

What is Gitea Enterprise

Gitea Enterprise is an enhanced edition developed based on the open-source Gitea project.

Gitea Enterprise provides a more reliable experience and to meet the requirements of enterprise-level users.


Gitea Enterprise is developed based on the open-source Gitea project, and they share a similar experience. Users familiar with Gitea can quickly get started with Gitea Enterprise, as their operation and configuration methods are almost the same.

However, Gitea Enterprise is built to meet needs of enterprise use cases. It should be noted that these features need to be activated with a cost.

If you have doubts about the price, you can apply for a free trial. The trial period is 30 days, during which you can use all the functions of Gitea Enterprise for free. Once the trial period ends, you can choose to continue using Gitea Enterprise, which will function the same as the open-source Gitea project.


You can purchase a Gitea Enterprise license on your own at the customers portal. The price of Gitea Enterprise is based on the number of users, and you can buy the appropriate license according to your actual needs.

If the number of actual users changes, either increases or decreases, you can "resize" your license at any time. You can resize a 20 person, 12-month license to a 40 person, 6-month one, or a 10 person, 24-month one. Resizing will not incur additional costs.

When your license is about to expire, you can choose to renew it, which will extend the validity period of your license. Or you can renew it at any time to enjoy some promotional benefits.


The version numbers of Gitea Enterprise and the Gitea project are different, but they are aligned with ine another.

Gitea Enterprise follow the format of v21.6.*. Here v21.6 indicates that it was developed based on the 1.21.6 version of the Gitea project. The last .* contains patches or feature updates specific to Gitea Enterprise.

You should be aware of this rule, especially when switching between Gitea Enterprise and the Gitea project. Yes, you can switch between the two at any time, and all data and configuration is compatible.

The only thing you need to do is replace the executable file or Docker image, but you need to pay attention to the version correspondence.

For example, if you have an open-source Gitea instance with a version of v1.21.6 and want to switch to Gitea Enterprise, you need to choose Gitea Enterprise version v21 or above. Then over time and with several Gitea Enterprise upgrades, the version number is now v23.1.0. If you want to switch back to the open-source Gitea project, you need to choose v1.23 or above.

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