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Version: 21.5 - latest


Similarily to the open-source Gitea project, Gitea Enterprise also supports multiple installation methods, including binary files, Docker images, etc.

Start from the open-source Gitea project

If you are a new user, we suggest you install the open-source Gitea project first. You can choose your preferred installation method.

Once you have completed the installation of the open-source Gitea project, you can try using it to ensure everything is running correctly.

In fact, you can just pause at this point, and enjoy the powerful features already provided by the open-source Gitea project.

Or, if you want to go further and explore Gitea Enterprise, then you only have one more step.

Upgrade to Gitea Enterprise

Once you have installed the Gitea project, or are coming from an already installed instance, you only have one more step to upgrade to Gitea Enterprise.

If you have installed Gitea using the binary file, you just need to download the binary file of Gitea Enterprise and replace the previous binary. You can find the binary file of Gitea Enterprise on commitgo/gitea-ee.

If you have installed Gitea using Docker, you can just replace the Docker image like:

- image: gitea/gitea:1.21.7
+ image: commitgo/gitea-ee:v21.7.0

You can find more versions of images on commitgo/gitea-ee.

When replacing, please note the relationship of the version numbers. The principle is that the open-source Gitea project v1.X.Y needs to correspond to Gitea Enterprise vX.Y.* or higher. It's acceptable to upgrade to a higher version number of Gitea Enterprise, such as vX+1.Y.*. Or if you are not certain, choosing the highest version number of Gitea Enterprise is always a good choice.

Oh wait, and don't forget to restart Gitea after replacing. 😄


Once you have completed the installation of Gitea Enterprise, you need to activate Gitea Enterprise to use the features of Gitea Enterprise.

You can apply for a trial or purchase a Gitea Enterprise license in the customers portal, then activate it in the admin page of Gitea Enterprise.


After activation, you can enjoy the enhanced experience of Gitea Enterprise. 🎉