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Version: 21.5 - latest


Does Gitea Enterprise offer any additional support or maintenance services?

Yes, users who have purchased Gitea Enterprise can contact us for further assistance via the support email or online chat in the customers portal during the validity period of their license.

Are there any discounts for educational or non-profit organizations in Gitea Enterprise?

Yes, if you have such requirements, please contact us. We are happy to provide discounted or even free quotes.

What are the system requirements for installing and running Gitea Enterprise?

Just like the open-source Gitea project, Gitea Enterprise does not have high system requirements, which depend on your number of users and data volume.

What happens if I exceed the user limit of my current Gitea Enterprise license?

You won't be able to add new users. But don't worry, you can resize your license to accommodate more users without incurring additional costs.

Can I integrate Gitea Enterprise with other tools and services that my organization is already using?

Yes, Gitea Enterprise supports migrating data from mainstream code hosting platforms, and we will develop some new tools or features for bulk import in the future.

Can I use Gitea Enterprise as a multi-tenant service and then resell it?

No, you cannot. We do not allow the resale of Gitea Enterprise. All purchases of Gitea Enterprise licenses should be for the purpose of providing services within your own enterprise or organization. We will not provide any support for reselling, and we reserve the right to terminate the service.

Can I customize the user interface of Gitea Enterprise to match my organization's branding?

Yes, just like with the Gitea project, Gitea Enterprise supports customizing themes and page styles, and you can freely modify them without worrying about branding issues.

How can I report a bug or request a new feature for Gitea Enterprise?

You can report problems or request features through the customer portal, or by email for more help.

Can I revert my Gitea Enterprise to the open-source project if I choose not to continue with the enterprise edition?

Don't worry, we respect your choice. You can switch to the Gitea project, at any time without worrying about data loss. Similarly, you're welcome to come back at any time.

Can I export or import data from Gitea Enterprise to other systems?

Yes, we respect your choice. Your data is your data, you can export them and import them into any other systems.

Why is this a paid offering?

The open-source Gitea project can be found for no cost, and provides pre-built binaries you can use with community provided support. If you are an enterprise, and require additional support, a consistent release cadence, and an enterprise focused experience, then Gitea Enterprise is for you.

We are fortunate that there are customers who commision custom functionality allow us to license code as MIT, and also submit it to the Gitea project.

Many features, and enhancements are prevented from being included in the Gitea project due to high upfront costs, and lack of resources to maintain them. This leads to them not being developed or accepted into the project. With this offering, we are able to provide a version to paying customers with a support contract, allowing us to develop and maintain these features for the Gitea project.

This model has already allowed us to contribute and maintain several features in the Gitea project, including Gitea Actions, which was dogfooded and provided to customers while it awaited review of inclusion in the Gitea project itself.

Features, and enhancements commisioned by customers, may include knowledge of internal company information or trade secrets, and so they require analysis to ensure that no sesitive information is included prior to submission of functionality to the Gitea project.

What is the relationship between CommitGo, and the open-source Gitea project?

CommitGo is a company that was founded by members of the Technical Oversight Committee of the Gitea project. Commissioning custom functionality, or being a customer of CommitGo does not provide customers a say in the direction of the project itself or the inclusion of any code.

Does this mean Gitea is now open-core?

No, the Gitea project governance charter prohibits the inclusion of proprietary code, and we adhere to the project standards. Gitea Enterprise is an offering of CommitGo, and not the Technical Oversight Committee of Gitea itself.

I have a question that isn't answered here.

Please contact us at or via the customers portal.